Fabio "Reznd" Lobo

Web designer, front-end developer and goalkeeper.

Fabio "Reznd" Lobo

Trabalho há mais de uma década na área. O foco do meu trabalho é em usabilidade, facilidade pro usuário, acessibilidade, SEO e performance.

Também tenho alguns projetos open source, além de prestar serviços em outras áreas e criar conteúdo.

Web Design, Front-End, WordPress...

I make internet and stuff

Web Design

Websites, blogs and e-commerce web design. Priority in user experience (UX) and brand concept.


Front-end development (CSS, HTML, JavaScript etc). I also work with WordPress, WooCommerce and backend.

Soluções Online

Online hosting for websites, blogs and e-commerces, e-mail accounts and e-mail marketing services. WOWF!

What do you need?

A new website? Support for WordPress? Logo design? Other thing? Let's talk!

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Check out my Web Design and Web Development jobs.

Via Carreira

Visual identity, logo and web design, front-end and WordPress development.

Rap 24 Horas

Web design adjustments, front-end, WordPress development and Blogger-to-WordPress migration.

Dinheirama – Downloads

Web design adjustments, front-end and WordPress development

What they say about me

Some testimonials from customers and partners

"(...) it was so consistent with my expectations that I do not believe I would have the same satisfaction with another professional."

Onnet Seguros

Onnet Seguros

Onnet Seguros

"Lobo always tried to understand and do the work the way we wanted... Besides being super professional, he was always very nice and helpful! We were more than satisfied with his work!"

Larissa and Searonn

Larissa and Searonn

Lari e Sea

"What makes the difference in Fabio's work is his concern for the refinement and functionality of every single detail of the template. The quick and efficient execution of his services is another positive point."

Erivelton Lucena

Erivelton Lucena

iHaa Network

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