Dental Surgeon’s website development, visual identity, autoresponder and ebook

Dr. Natália Mósca hired me to create a logo and website for her clinic - also e-books and autoresponders.

I decided to start talking about my work here! To begin I will write about my very first client, Dr. Natália Mósca. Our partnership began more than a decade ago with the development of a simple website, and today she has a more complete website with ebooks and autoresponders for her patients.

The first project, back in 2009, was a very basic logo and a website for the clinic. Then in 2018, she had to implement a new strategy to introduce her new services. Do you want to see it?

Previous site: Odont’art

odont'art logo

Dr. Mósca’s clinic was initially called Odont’art. My work with the logo was just the typography – she already had an illustration.

Odont'art - Website

The website was made with WordPress with SEO optimization. We used regional keywords to attract patients close to the region where the office is located.

The site also had a blog, the section “Tips & Promotions”.

Fun fact: During the 10 years that the site went online, there was no problem at all with WordPress updates and plugins!

New website and logo for Dental Surgeon

After a few years, the clinic’s name was changed to “Natália Mósca”. Dr. Mósca became a Dental Surgeon and was no longer “just” a Dentist. Therefore, it was necessary to develop a hole new project.

Logo creation

Natália Mósca - Logo

My idea was to escape from this scary thing of having a screw in the middle of your tooth. In a competitive analysis, I found that this illustration was a pattern.

One part of the tooth itself is shaped like a stylized prosthesis, implying that Dr.’s role is to complete the tooth. That is, make it look natural, simple and well done. If you follow the tooth diagonally from the bottom up, you will see that the tooth is “getting better”. From the “fixed” root to the shine effect, which represents the aesthetic part of the work.

Finally, I worked with shades of blue, which follows the current visual identity and brings a certain “freshness” to the concept. And the scattered circles behind the tooth form a shield. In color psychology blue also represents calmness, confidence and security.

With formal typography and horizontal alignment (suitable for internet use), my idea as a concept was to give a more delicate feel about the work of the Dental Surgeon. The patient already knows that he will have metals in his mouth, that he will bleed, that it will hurt … he doesn’t have to remember that when he sees the logo. So let him see the end result: a healthy tooth protected by the doctor!

Website development

Natália Mósca - Presentation

The site strategy has totally changed, not just the structure and content. The plan was to convert more visits into contacts, so there are fields for email registration and quick contact through Whatsapp.

Autoresponder and ebook

Natália Mósca - Ebook

By sending emails through Amazon’s servers, autoresponder is a complement to the site’s content, which is well summarized.

When visitors sign up to receive more information about a particular area (such as Dental Aesthetics, for example), they will receive some daily emails about the subject and an ebook with more information.

Creation and development of websites, logos, ebooks, autoresponders … phew!

As you can see, this was a full service for the doctor – another service in over a decade of partnership. The site is on WOWF hosting, where Autoresponders submissions are also configured.

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