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Get to know my online hosting for websites, blogs, e-commerces and apps, professional e-mail accounts and e-mail marketing services.

If you are looking for a online hosting or email solutions, you should know my company WOWF (in portuguese).

We provide the following services:

  1. Online hosting: Shared hosting with top priority in performance and security. Our support is specialized in WordPress, but you can host any type of project with us!
  2. E-mail accounts: Creation of email accounts using G Suite, Zoho Mail and Yandex platforms. The best professional email solutions on the market.
  3. E-mail marketing: Setting up and hosting email marketing platform Sendy with your Amazon account.

After seeing customers and partners having a lot of issues with hosting and emails, I decided to start offering hosting plans through a reseller hosting. For some years now I have done this, so I decided to “officialize” the service, launching a specialized company.

The name WOWF is a fusion of Wolf (because my last name, “Lobo”, means Wolf in english) and WOW (a surprise interjection – the idea is to surprise with good services and of low cost).

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