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Check out my work for Esboçando Ideias, André Sanchez's evangelical blog: Visual identity, web design and development of a blog with infoproducts.

I’ve been working for Esboçando Ideias since 2013, when my former digital agency, ANDALE!, was responsible for developing the first exclusive template for the project.

The second template is totally different from the first one, as the purpose of the blog has also changed.

Well, let’s talk more about both versions!

Evangelical Content Blog: Esboçando Ideias

With the word, the blog owner:

The Esboçando Ideias blog was born in August 2009 with the proposal to bring messages of faith through the Internet. Over time the project has grown and today has over 1000 published articles. But with the growth came the need to organize the work in a better way, and to have a well-built website with a nice design.

André Sanchez, author of Esboçando Ideias

The first version

The first project was divided into three phases: logo design, web design, and WordPress development.

Created by André Sanchez, Esboçando Ideias already used WordPress as a platform, with a very simple and non-authorial template.

Logo design

Esboçando Ideias - Old logo

Our mission was to update the existing logo. The illustration had a blue bible, shining like a lamp.

So we kept the colors and the original idea, creating a modern version of it. The illustration refers to a scribble, since “Esboçando Ideias” means “Sketching Ideas”.

Web design and WordPress development

Esboçando Ideias - Old logo

Following the main concept of “sketching”, the blog design had some scribbles on it, like the main menu background and icons.

And what did the blog author think of the project?

Fabio Lobo built with André Bets all the layout, logo and structure of the site. Undoubtedly, for me, it was very important to count on Fabio’s work, since I dedicate my time to writing and I don’t know much about this technical part. He left the site perfect for me to sit in front of the computer and publish. Not to mention support for new implementations and technical issues that sometimes occur. For me, today is a partnership that I do not give up = D

André Sanchez, author of Esboçando Ideias

The second – and current – version

As you can see, the first version had a more traditional blog structure. Content on the left, sidebar on the right.

The idea for the new version was a “magazine” visual, with a customizable home page, divided by themes.

This job was a total makeover: logo design, visual identity, web design, and development. This time I did all the work.

Logo design

Esboçando Ideias: Logo

Keeping the original idea, the logo evolution was big. I kept the same elements (pencil, bible and lamp/light), but with a more simplified, modern design.

The icon’s concept is “enlightened idea”, which may sound redundant, but the choice of elements makes the concept stronger: the shape of the open bible along with the light of the lamp gives the impression that the idea – the light – is emerging from within the bible.

Web design and WordPress development

Esboçando Ideias

Apart from infoproducts, the content is the main focus of Esboçando Ideias, of course. Therefore, the mission was to found a balance with content and advertising.

On the home page, there are different blocks of content with different structures and purposes. In the middle of it, Sanchez can insert banners for his infoproducts, such as ebooks and courses.

On the content pages, besides the possibility of insert banners inside the text, there are widgets at the sidebar with buttons and banners, as well as a gallery on the footer section.

Check it out: Esboçando Ideias

Development of blog with infoproducts

Designing blogs is one of my favorite jobs. Well, I was a blogger myself once. By the way, what did Sanchez think about the project?

This is the second website that Fabio Lobo develops for me. He is very professional, does an excellent job on schedule, with honesty about what works for that particular niche. The bonus surprises he has made in the project really raise the level of this professional. I do not know what my blog would be without him 🙂

André Sanchez, author of Esboçando Ideias

Thank you for your comments, Sanchez!

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